Int’l Ed Webinar Recording: How Best to Prepare Students for International Study

If you missed the webinar, feel free to watch the recording or read the white paper below to learn about a recent study about preparing Polish Fulbright scholars for U.S. study and research.  Dr. Madden-Dent explored the impacts of a 4-week pre-departure cultural and academic preparation class on students’ integration, adjustment, communication, academic and professional achievement.

Pre-departure preparation is only one strategy will be discussed at Dr. Madden-Dent’s upcoming presentation session at NAFSA in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, June 1.  If you’re attending NAFSA, you are welcome to attend and join the session: ( )


To read the whitepaper and foundation of this webinar, Pre-departure Training for Study Abroad: Preparing Fulbright Scholars for Study in the USAFIND PDF HERE

Or copy/paste the following link into URL box:–__6gMng71K7YTgMTUUUGeYd-sscV9eVqof-MIktVng2gQzxiAKyV_fPV2rOhxcS7_HNvIQVwlY9PFUxs_LjAg3ocK2wstLhOdS0VC7fyDrNem3tA&_hsmi=60696626


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