How Culturally Responsive Social Emotional Online Training Prepares Polish Fulbright Scholars for U.S. Integration

As social emotional learning (SEL) competencies continue being a universally sought-after employability skill in today’s twenty-first century workforce, university and industry will continue placing greater attention on effective, evidence-based training to address this skills gap.  The following qualitative research study examined how a pre-departure culturally responsive SEL training influenced the safety and success of Polish Fulbright Scholars (N = 14), during post arrival integration in the U.S. through participants’ written narratives and virtual interviews.  The research findings indicate that the four-week training program supported the Treatment Group (n = 7) by strengthening self-awareness, self-management skills, social awareness, relationship and cross-cultural communication skills, culturally responsive professional and academic skills, and responsible decision-making skills.  The Control Group (n = 7) more often described uncertainty and powerlessness during integration and a greater need for pre-departure training.  This study contributes a new understanding of how virtual SEL training can strengthen academic and professional readiness. 

Watch Dr. Madden-Dent’s 2021 EQRC Lecture Video Presentation (Hosted by University of Nevada, Las Vegas):


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