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How Culturally Responsive Social Emotional Online Training Prepares Polish Fulbright Scholars for U.S. Integration

As social emotional learning (SEL) competencies continue being a universally sought-after employability skill in today’s twenty-first century workforce, university and industry will continue placing greater attention on effective, evidence-based training to address this skills gap.  The following qualitative research study examined how a pre-departure culturally responsive SEL training influenced the safety and success of Polish Fulbright Scholars (N = 14), during post arrival integration in the U.S. through participants’ written narratives and virtual interviews.  The research findings indicate that the four-week training program supported the Treatment Group (n = 7) by strengthening self-awareness, self-management skills, social awareness, relationship and cross-cultural communication skills, culturally responsive professional and academic skills, and responsible decision-making skills.  The Control Group (n = 7) more often described uncertainty and powerlessness during integration and a greater need for pre-departure training.  This study contributes a new understanding of how virtual SEL training can strengthen academic and professional readiness. 

Watch Dr. Madden-Dent’s 2021 EQRC Lecture Video Presentation (Hosted by University of Nevada, Las Vegas):


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Int’l Ed Webinar Recording: How Best to Prepare Students for International Study

If you missed the webinar, feel free to watch the recording or read the white paper below to learn about a recent study about preparing Polish Fulbright scholars for U.S. study and research.  Dr. Madden-Dent explored the impacts of a 4-week pre-departure cultural and academic preparation class on students’ integration, adjustment, communication, academic and professional achievement.

Pre-departure preparation is only one strategy will be discussed at Dr. Madden-Dent’s upcoming presentation session at NAFSA in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, June 1.  If you’re attending NAFSA, you are welcome to attend and join the session: ( )


To read the whitepaper and foundation of this webinar, Pre-departure Training for Study Abroad: Preparing Fulbright Scholars for Study in the USAFIND PDF HERE

Or copy/paste the following link into URL box:–__6gMng71K7YTgMTUUUGeYd-sscV9eVqof-MIktVng2gQzxiAKyV_fPV2rOhxcS7_HNvIQVwlY9PFUxs_LjAg3ocK2wstLhOdS0VC7fyDrNem3tA&_hsmi=60696626

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What to do BEFORE study abroad? 

Students who prepare for US study BEFORE study abroad, graduate 20% faster. 

Students also experience: 

  • Safer living conditions in the host country
  • Having better relationships with faculty and peers
  • Having more confidence to speak with host country nationals
  • Having more fun
  • Saving money 
  • Having stronger university applications
  • Having a better understanding of host school’s rules and resources
  • Having better professional skills for internships and job interviews in the host country. 

Quick Video: Prepare


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International High School and College Students Earn U.S. College Credits & Transcript




Course Summary:

This course will examine cultural dynamics and academic systems unique to international students’ transition and adjustment into U.S. higher educational environments. This intensive college readiness course is grounded on current literature demonstrating direct relationships between pre-departure cultural and academic training with post-arrival student retention, health, socialization, and professional development. This course investigates cultural differences and similarities between their culture and the U.S. culture before creating action plans for experiential learning, skill development, and preparation skills for life and study in the U.S.  This course teaches U.S. student responsibilities and ethics, U.S. classroom dynamics and study skills, initiates early U.S. campus engagement, language and communication skills, cultural integration, and professional development strategies.  This course’s theoretical and practical coursework increases intercultural competencies that empower new international students to navigate complex communities on and off campus.  Through study abroad case studies, international students will identify better strategies to proactively manage post-arrival adjustment into U.S. academics, social, and professional systems.

Student Qualification: 

Students must be an international student preparing to study in the United States of America for an undergraduate degree. Students must have internet access to complete 45 hours of online study.  Students must be able to perform homework, papers, quizzes, a final project, and online discussions in English. If you meet the criteria above, you are invited to enroll in our online U.S. college preparation class and earn U.S. college credit that applies towards your college degree.

Course Process:

Once you earn a passing grade, you will have earned a U.S. college transcript with 3 course credits from an accredited U.S. college!  This online class has limited enrollment each semester because it’s taught by a U.S. college Ph.D. professor who provides personal instruction through custom college-level curriculum.

Class begins online November 1, 2015 and ends in January 31, 2016.

Course Cost:

Unlike other U.S. institutions, we don’t charge International Student Fees, Documentation Fees, Textbook Fees, or Health Insurance so YOU SAVE LOT’S OF MONEY!   International students can typically pay thousands of dollars for 3 college course credits while studying in the United States but because our course is online, you only pay $1,500.00 USD.


International Student Quotes

“Knowing culture before coming to U.S. decreases anxiety for adjusting to new country. Just for my culture, I think it’s really mandatory, before.      — Minjae L., Seoul

“This study is helpful for me. It helped mentally prepare me studying and to meeting new friends.” — Wei C., Shanghai

“Knowing culture gave me confidence to talk, get involved, and participate.”   — Wayne L., Beijing

How can you benefit from “U.S. Academics and Culture” online course?

Students: Learn how to succeed at U.S. universities and make professional and social relationships, earn 3 U.S. college credits & begin your U.S. college transcript, earn a letter of recommendation from a U.S. Professor (Ph.D.), earn a HLSL Institute Certificate for your resume and college application portfolio, become qualified for international student college scholarships, be qualified to be accepted at a private 4-year U.S. college, meet other international students already in the U.S., and learn how to adjust into U.S. culture. ENROLL in CLASS

Parents: Be involved with your child’s preparation and learning while they are still home.  Get to know where your child will be living and who they will be living with. Be proud of their new U.S. college acceptance and U.S. college transcript helping them graduate U.S. college faster.

Recruiters: Help your student clients begin their U.S. college career earlier and graduate faster by earning U.S. college credits and becoming more attractive college applicants.  Earn recruiting commission for student enrollment.

U.S. Colleges & Universities:  Recruit international high school and college students.  Prepare international students to adjust and succeed at your institution.  Increase international student retention and graduation rates.  Be promoted around the world and build new international partnerships.

For more information about recruiting international students, email or visit 

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2015 ISV Volunteering Opportunity

The following announcement has been shared by the ISV Volunteer Project.  As an international educator, I believe that service learning and volunteer activities are important for students’ personal and professional development.  Let me know if you decide to go… I’d love interviewing you about the experience.

Travel overseas for free during summer 2015 and co-lead a group of university students

on an ISV Volunteer Project

To all interested Graduate Students,

International Student Volunteers (ISV) is looking for graduate students to serve as University Leaders for a minimum of two weeks on ISV’s 2015 May to September Volunteer Programs in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and South Africa (expenses covered, see below for details). Spaces are limited, so please contact us as soon as possible.

The ISV Program

ISV’s 4-Week Program consists of two weeks of volunteering overseas on a hands-on conservation or community development project followed by an incredible two-week educational exploration of the best cultural and natural highlights of the host country, and as many outdoor adventure activities as we can pack in.

ISV is seeking graduate students to co-lead a group of 8-12 students alongside a trained ISV Project Leader for the volunteer projects.  Our projects focus on experiential education and making a positive impact to underserved communities, degraded habitats and endangered species by working closely with local organizations and community leaders within the host countries. Project activities include:

  • Building homes, playgrounds, clinics, community centers, schools
  • Teaching basic English, math, health and hygiene, sports and recreation to children
  • Educational programs incorporating music, dance theatre, arts and crafts
  • Assisting with terrestrial and marine ecology research programs
  • Providing care for threatened wildlife (wild and rescued animals)
  • Habitat restoration, trail building, erosion control, organic farming
  • Design and delivery of environmental education, recycling and sustainable tourism programs
  • Special focus projects such as pre-med/health care and pre-veterinary

Please see the ISV webpage ( for detailed information about the ISV organization, programs, destination countries, and more. To read about a University Leader’s recent experience in Costa Rica click here, and to get a 90 second taste of the ISV programs, go here.

ISV: Who we are

International Student Volunteers, Inc is an award-winning non-profit organization based in the USA that sends thousands of students annually from more than 800 universities and colleges worldwide to travel with a purpose and make a significant difference to sustainable development on a global scale. ISV’s Global Accomplishments and Recognitions include:

  • More than 30,000 student participants on the ISV program across six continents since 2002.
  • ISV student teams have contributed nearly 2.5 million hours of volunteer service for community-driven initiatives in Education, Sustainable Development and Conservation around the world.
  • ISV has partnered with over 100 volunteer organizations (government, academic institutions, private and grassroots organizations/NGOs) globally.
  • University course and internship credit awarded to thousands of ISV students by more than 300 universities worldwide.
  • Awarded one of the “Top Ten Volunteer Organizations” by the US Center for Citizen Diplomacy in conjunction with the US State Department.
  • Inaugural award for “Outstanding Volunteer Project” by the World Youth and Student Travel Confederation.
  • Featured on In View with Larry King on the Discovery Channel.
  • 30+ members of the U.S. Senate/Congress serve on ISV’s Board of Reference.
  • Certified by the US President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to distribute the President’s Volunteer Service Award.
  • Overall ISV experience rated 4.8/5 from 30,000+ participants.

University Leader Expenses Covered by ISV

  • Round-trip international flights and domestic travel within the host country provided.
  • Accommodations and three meals per day provided on the Volunteer Project.

For more information or to register contact, Chad Allen, to

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Nevadans can increase their competitiveness through education

This Screenr presentation discusses how Nevadans can increase their professional competitiveness with education.  A look at Nevada’s national ranking suggests that those with a high school and college degree will likely live healthier and more professionally successful lives. There is national concern to improve Nevada’s economic sustainability, educational standards, and diversity.  Opportunity will find those who commit to increasing their competitiveness through a college degree.


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Get Busy (with Social Networking)

The embedded V-log (video blog) discusses three important social networking concepts: Participation, Influencers, & Motivation. Regardless of professional objective, Tara’s “Get Busy” concept will encourage productivity and networking success.


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