International Student Integration: What Universities are Doing and Not Doing

How do U.S. universities invest in international student integration?
This NAFSA session provides data on more than 200 U.S. institutions’ pre-departure, transitional, & post arrival integration services that support preparation, integration, & retention of inbound students.
Gain innovative solutions to maximize first-year experiences with the NAFSA session’s PowerPoint PDF.
The peer-reviewed publication in the Journal of International Students shares the U.S. research study  at
Authors: Tara Madden-Dent, Ph.D.; Katerina Roskina; & Dawn Wood.

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One response to “International Student Integration: What Universities are Doing and Not Doing

  1. Matt Pearson

    Dr. Madden-Dent: A college professor told me that she felt sorry for many international students who had little cultural literacy – “They hadn’t read anything, so any references I made fell flat.” So we developed I think international students studying in the US would find it a good, modern way to become part of US higher education culture. I will paste the link to a 1 minute summary on youtube. Basically, you prove you have read any one of 40 classic high school level books.

    Thanks! Matt

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