Sticky Campus

Sticky Campus does not describe a college or university covered in gum or taffy.  It is a concept that college students and Student Affairs personnel should be aware of because it encourages student success. Sticky campus is a term referencing a college or university’s ability to engage and involve its students in curricular and extracurricular activities. Research suggests that students who are involved with campus study groups, clubs, sports, organizations, internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, etc have greater success in college.  If students get involved on campus they will meet other students, become familiar with campus resources, and practice leadership skills; thus developing into a more competitive professional.



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3 responses to “Sticky Campus

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  2. Michael

    Hi I’m doing a uni research project on the sticky campus concept but I am having trouble finding any academic research on the subject. Could you recommend any?

    thank you

    • Hello Michael. Thanks for the inquiry.
      Consider first searching peer-reviewed journal articles: Student engagement, social capital, and social learning theories (Astin, 1984; Bandura, 1977; Bourdieu, 1983; Bourdieu, 1988; Coleman, 1988; Coleman, 1990; Stanton-Salazar, 1997). Then google Sticky Campus, Student Engagement; Campus Involvement.

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