Relocating to the United States?


Oftentimes, people new to a city struggle with adjusting to the unfamiliar resources, laws, language, school systems, transportation, etc.  In fact, if a person is from another country and/or doesn’t speak English, it can be a challenge doing daily tasks such as laundry, buying groceries, going to the doctor, or even mailing something at the post office.

To make relocation and transition easier, HLSL Institute offers a guided City Day Tour that teaches people how to relocate and transition into a new U.S. city faster and safer so they can live happier and healthier as members of their community. With a trained local Relocation Expert, clients visit local businesses, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, banks, recreational services, transportation centers, language services, etc. so that they learn the insider’s knowledge about the city’s resources, history, laws, traditions, calendar events, seasonal weather, political systems, and spiritual and intellectual resources.  No need to worry about transportation, the Relocation Expert is qualified to drive clients in our BMW X5 SUV’s regardless of rain, snow, or sunny conditions.

The 5-hour City Day Tour beginning at 10:00 am includes a delicious lunch at a downtown restaurant and a city guidebook with relocation tips including networking groups and contacts, transportation resources, local coupons and discounts, information about when and where to go for seasonal events and fun activities, and helpful online resources and videos.

Save yourself lots of time and money by learning everything you need in only one amazingly fun and educational tour instead of weeks or even months.  We look forward to welcoming you to your new home.  For more information visit HLSL Institute or request more information about the tours at



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2 responses to “Relocating to the United States?

  1. Gungoo Lee

    I stayed in US for 1 year since Jul. 2013.
    Everything was a challenge to me in the States since I had relocated to the country.
    I didn’t have any friends who helped me for some months.
    I had to get over and through everything from A to Z by myself.
    Sometimes these challengea made me discouraged and exhausted.

    If I knew HLSL more earlier, I could enjoy the new life in US much more.
    I am sure Dr. Tara Madden Dent is the best expert in this field. I know many international students really like her.

    Somebody who is making a plan to relocate to US.
    Don’t hesitate. Just knock the door of HLSL.
    Then HLSL will stay with you as your friend and your trustful helper.

    • Thank you Gungoo. I appreciate your comment and support. One of the best parts of my job is meeting friends like you. I hope to help more people, new to the area, so they avoid many of the hardships you had to face alone. Stay warm and say hello to the family. Let’s chat soon.

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