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How To Stand Out On Your USA University Application

Video Resource: www.CulturallyConfident.com

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Public School Church/State Discussion

In June 2006, (Clark County, NV) Foothill High School Valedictorian Brittany McComb delivered a Christian-laced graduation speech.

Prior to graduation day, her speech was reviewed by school officials who required edits to avoid school-sponsored promotion of a religion.  Brittany agreed to the required changes but proceeded to use her original version anyway. School officials quickly cut off McComb’s microphone, to avoid anyone getting the idea their public school was preaching Christianity.

In relation to church/state regulations in public schools, what are your thoughts about this public school dilemma?  How does the Establishment Clause, Free Exercise Clause, student free speech and expression, limited-open forum/open-forum/closed forum, and preventative school policy relate to McComb’s speech?

In addition, here is a short article related to this topic: http://www.computernewbie.info/wheatdogg/2009/11/23/brittany-mccombs-legal-battle-ends-at-supreme-court/



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