USAC Increases Student Competitiveness

Interview with Monica Robertson about how USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) can help college and university student be more competitive in today’s international market.

Monica is the Manager of USAC Publications and Marketing, based at University of Nevada.   Some benefits & skills that  USAC provides students with during a USAC college experience include, but are not limited to:

• Academic Credit

• International travel

• Cross-Cultural Communication skills

• Leadership skills

• Real world experience

• International internships and volunteering opportunities

• Problem Solving Skills

• Language proficiencies



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5 responses to “USAC Increases Student Competitiveness

  1. Well done! Interviews can be a great source of content

  2. Maddie Bosse

    I found the information very interesting because I have heard of USAC but never really knew the benefits of the program other than the possibility of learning another language. I think that the most valuable characteristics that were mentioned that you couldn’t really get anywhere else in visiting another country is total exposure to the culture and their ideas. I also think that a persons language skills and communication would improve greatly along with personal growth. However, I feel like leadership skills and a persons problem solving skills could be experienced in other ways that wouldn’t need a semester abroad I feel like that could come from visiting the other country or traveling within the U.S.

  3. Joshua Rogers

    While rare, I was curious if USAC could be held liable in the event of a student’s death while overseas. Obviously there will always be circumstances outside USAC’s control, but what if one of their Resident Directors was negligent in regards to the safety of the student. I only bring this up because of a news story I read.
    If that student was in USAC’s Specialty Program, then he was supposed to be under the guiding eye of an Resident Director who, quoted form USAC’s own website “ hires faculty, arranges housing, organizes field studies and excursions and assures the general well-being of students overseas” (
    I think the key point being that USAC admits that they take responsibility for the student’s well- being, and that if shown to be negligent, and then they could be sued in a civil trial in the States.

    Any other ideas or am I assuming too much responsibility on the program?

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