Social Business in Higher Education: Increasing Faculty Competitiveness

The following Screenr introduces a newer concept in higher education: Social Business can increase faculty competitiveness to both support research and job security.

For further information regarding my Social Network Equation mentioned in the Screenr presentation, please visit: Social Network Equation.



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3 responses to “Social Business in Higher Education: Increasing Faculty Competitiveness

  1. Katie Gettman

    Social media seems it can help like in the example you gave for a future employer to google your name, but what if you, as a possible employee, were not technically savvy? Internet has not been around for too long and it is always changing so the people who do not stay up to date on technology or do not really have an interest in it do not seem to be in this competition for bettering themselves by social media. It can be very useful, but can make it or break it for others.

  2. jamie

    Interesting about the funding for higher education. Hopefully evaluations will be more accountable, and not dependent on student completion of courses. I can think of many reasons why that won’t work for faculty effectiveness. Also, I’ve never considered making a blog, or website. But I can see how creating one would put myself a step ahead in the business world. Thank you,

    • I have found that blogs are a great way to network and collaborate with other leaders on issues you are interested in. If you have any questions about making a blog, I’m here to help. Thanks for participating.

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