3 Min Research Intro: New Pre-departure Course for International Students which also Recruits and Retains

Interested in learning why U.S. higher education is now offering pre-departure academic and cultural college prep courses to international students in foreign countries? Student success, international recruitment, and retention rates are definitely some benefits.

This video provides a 3 minute introduction to the research that led to today’s revolutionary international prep-courses.

First tested at a U.S. research university and then applied to HLSL Institute’s 2014 International Education Tour in South Korea and China, HLSL Institute now offers U.S. schools a pre-departure prep course that teaches international students success skills.  This course is a student service outreach effort that helps international students to be healthier, happier, more academically successful, and more professionally prepared in the U.S. before, during, and after study abroad.

This college course is taught in foreign countries (via hybrid instruction methods) before students arrive to the U.S.  The course teaches international students more accurate cross-cultural expectations about study, life, language, and work interactions and responsibilities.  International students gain cultural knowledge and competencies to manage cultural and academic stresses in addition to other impediments that typically upset adjustment processes during U.S. study.  Research findings indicated that international students are more confident to study abroad, to communicate and build U.S. friendships, and to prepare for internships and post-graduate professional opportunities.

U.S. institutions can begin offering this course to prospective international students, tailored for their institution’s particulars (e.g. campus resources, student expectations, internship opportunities, etc.) and customized for specific student learning pathways and academic programs of study.

Contact Dr. Madden-Dent to learn more about the research and the forthcoming 2015 U.S. Academic and Culture Studies course in South Korea and China to increase international student success, recruitment rates, and retention rates.

P.s.  Although this pre-departure class begins in the international students’ home country, it can also be effective for first-year international students already in the U.S. to aid with their transition and adjustment success.

The 2015 International Education Tour begins October 1, 2015 in South Korea and China.

Contact HLSL Institute to learn how U.S. campuses can be represented on the tour and how to offer this pre-departure course.


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